Portrait of George Washington
after Gilbert Stuart after William Edgar Marshall


washington_a_g_s_full_frame_600.jpg (88218 bytes)
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Oil on canvas 25.25 by 30.25 inches (stretcher size).
In a gold gilt spandrel frame with floral, 
insect, and acorn decorations. 
Oval opening 24.25 by 29.5 inches.
Overall frame dimensions 34.5 by 39.5 inches. 


washington_a_g_s_detail_700.jpg (70211 bytes)
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Portrait detail 


Comparative Research
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washington_marshall_montchan.jpg (109092 bytes)
         Portrait              Marshall engraving

washington_athenaeum.jpg (44783 bytes)

Portrait with digital enhanced brightness levels (left) is compared to the William Edgar Marshall 1862 steel engraving of president George Washington (center) and the Boston Athenaeum  portrait (right), which Marshall copied to produce his engraving. 




Artist Information

name: unsigned


Further Biographical Information


washington_a_g_s_frame_corner.jpg (104455 bytes)
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Frame corner detail


washington_a_g_s_frame_back.jpg (78482 bytes)
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Frame back