Henry Cruse Murphy

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Caproni Bombers
(Caproni Ca.4)

by Henry Cruse Murphy (Jr.)
oil on canvas 15 by 20 inches

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Signed lower left:
H. C. Murphy

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(work with frame)


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Appeared on the cover of Scientific American
August 3, 1918. Subtitled "Battleships and destroyers
of the air: Caproni triplanes and a fast Italian single - seater plane


Caproni_Ca_42_Royal_Naval_Air_Service.jpg (202325 bytes)
Photo from the Wikimedia Commons
A 1918 photograph of
Ca.4s (Ca.52) used by the Royal Naval Air 
Service (photograph may have been used as reference by the artist)



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Artist Information

name: Henry Cruse Murphy Jr.
dates:  1886 - 1933

Born in Brooklyn, New York; died in Greenwich, Connecticut

known for: magazine cover illustration

Further Biographical Information